Welcome to Honey Bee™ Biobased Soy Polyol

Our Mission

  • Contribute to the advancement of polyurethanes with
    short-term renewable materials
  • Share technologies that improve product characteristics and solve
    utilizing the unique strengths of
    Honey Bee™ soy polyol chemistry
  • Assist with the integration of performance
    with renewable resources.
  • Eliminate undesirable trade-offs associated with using bio-based

Our Capabilities

  • Soy polyols
  • Custom polyols/prepolymers/blends
  • Systems Blending
  • Toll-Blending / Packaging / Distribution
  • Formulating
  • Process Analysis
Potting Compounds  •  Elastomers  •  Specialty Composites
Flexible Foam  •  Visco Foam  •  Rigid Foam  •  Adhesives  •  Sealants
Molded  •  Sprayed  •  Poured  •  Cast 

Polyol from plant oil is not a novel concept, but Honey Bee™ soy polyol is. The wide-spread use of natural oil polyol in urethanes has been hindered by a reputation for low reactivity and diminished physical properties, but the demand for alternative feedstocks persists. Bringing renewable & performance together is possible and it doesn’t require fancy products or processes, just formulating to the strengths of the components. Honey Bee’s high primary hydroxyls ensures a timely and complete reaction; the unique molecular structure enhances bond strength, and naturally present plasticizers aid in flexibility. With Honey Bee™, performance priority is second nature.


Honey Bee™ soy polyols offer a novel approach to  performance  polyurethanes

Unique molecular structure enhances visco properties, adds strength and flexibility

Unlike most natural oil products, Honey Bee™ reacts like conventional EO capped products, without the EO