What is the advantage of using USDA BioPreferredSM Intermediates & Feedstocks in Polyurethane?

Preferred Procurement Status

Federal Agencies and their contractors are required by law (Farm Bills 2002, 2008.section 9002) to give preferential consideration to BioPreferredSM products. This requirement includes any business with any government agency such as GSA, DOD, DOE, their associated contractors, and municipal agencies choosing to follow the federal lead. Consider the trickle down effect of elevated procurement status through almost any supply chain: automotive/transportation, construction/furnishings, appliances, industrial chemicals (fuels, cleansers, lubricants), agriculture, medical, textiles, and more.

‘Green’ Standards Satisfied

USDA ‘certified’ listing or label ensures bio-content standards have been met before a product can be claimed ‘green’. To use the BioPreferredSM label, companies must first provide the USDA with confirmed bio-content produced by an approved 3rd party testing facility and reported under ASTM D-6866 standards. BioPreferredSM certification/listing ensures the right questions have been asked and sufficiently answered.

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Global Opportunity

U.S. Government Agencies are global, as is procurement. Sustainability issues are also global. It is possible that products meeting U.S. Federal Standards will benefit as elevated status in other procurement programs too.

Corporate Responsibility & Contributions

  • National Energy Security and Independence
  • National Economic Development
  • Global Environmental Stewardship

The ‘Intermediates & Feedstocks’ product category has not been designated in the USDA online catalog. Visit: for information.